Page’s Wood: Installed!

Page’s Wood: Installed! 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

Last week saw Simon travel down to London to install the sculpture trail in Page’s Wood that we featured in our blog two weeks ago. We can now say that the 12 sculptures are safely in their new home, ready for the warmer weather, the upcoming Easter holidays, and all the extra people we hope will choose to spend some family time exploring outdoors.


Page’s Wood Tawny Owl


It’s a satisfying feeling to see a sculpture go from a sketch and a proposal, through the process of bringing it shape and life in the timber, to the final stage of seeing it in its new home, where often, sitting it its ‘right’ environment seems to bring more life and colour to the piece. Looking at these montages, what do you think?


Page’s Wood Frog by Simon O’Rourke


It’s also a privilege for us when our art also serves a greater purpose. We believe art will always have purpose for its own sake, but in the case of this sculpture trail, it also serves to encourage people (children especially) to finish a walk when it might be more tempting (if your kids are anything like some of the ones we know!) to return to a game of Fortnite, or for the grown ups, return to the to-do list of jobs around the house!

The animals themselves reflect the local population and help raise awareness of the environment around us, and the stories help educate the reader about what we can do to help steward and protect that environment. We hope that as people wander these two trails, not only will they enjoy finding and viewing the sculptures, but they will also warm to the characters and feel inspired to take small steps to help protect their beautiful surroundings.

We’ll leave you with the full range of sculptures in their woodland setting, in the order of the stories. If you happen to be walking through Page’s Wood why not take a photo with the animals along the trail, and tag us in it. We’d love to see you ‘meeting’  our timber friends, and hear what you thought!



Verity Vole


Verity meets a dragonfly


Verity meets a frog


Verity meets a newt


Verity meets a Reed Warbler


Riverside reed bench reflecting the animals and environment along the riverbank



Horatio Hedgehog


Horatio meets an owl


Horatio meets a badger


Horatio meets a squirrel


Horatio meets a fox


Final bench of the woodland trail, reflecting the animals and environment