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We hope you’re all holding up OK, whatever this lockdown looks like for you. Whether you’re a keyworker (thank you!), homeschooling you, or working from home, we hope you are finding bright spots in every day, and are staying healthy. We know that some of you are more busy at the moment, but others have gained some free time. It’s interesting to see how creative people have been filling that time. Some friends of ours are volunteering at the hospital. Others at the food bank. Some are learning instruments or languages. One friend of ours is even learning British Sign Language!
With that in mind, we have some exciting news for you. During this time, we’re offering online art courses with Simon!

Pyrography fairy wall hanging illustration by Simon O'Rourke

Simon the Illustrator

If you have read his biography, you’ll know Simon trained in illustration. Over the years he’s produced beautiful concept art for clients to show them what their sculpture will look like. Being a sculptor has also enabled him to think in THREE DIMENSIONS, and create artwork that really flows. It’s this knowledge that he hopes to pass on to anyone who wants to take one of these online art courses with Simon.

Those who know him, also know Simon is not just a great artist, but also a patient coach. He is easily able to break down concepts, explain and demonstrate. It’s a natural transition for him for this season to use those skills and his experiences to encourage and equip others in their own journey as artists.

Initial sketch of Water Dragon by Simon O Rourke and Keiji. Learn these skills in our online art courses with Simon.

The initial concept sketch of an east-meets-west Water Dragon by Simon

Is This For Me?

Think you’re not an artist, so this isn’t for you? Guess again!
Drawing is a learnable skill. There are always some that show a natural leaning to visual communication, however this course is all about empowering you to see your subject in a different way. I’d love to be your coach, I’d love to give you the tools and the knowledge to be able to take your drawing skills to the next level. From deciding on a subject, to producing great drawings, I’ll be there to encourage you, guide you, and help you to realise you REALLY CAN produce awesome artwork.

Are you frustrated with your drawings not looking like you imagine them?
Do you love to draw, but find yourself staring at the paper wondering where to start?
Have you looked at art produced by others and wished you knew how to do that?

Whatever your level of experience or current skill, we hope these online art courses with Simon will be beneficial to you.

Beatles illustration in wood wall hanging by Simon o'Rourke

This Beatles wall hanging demonstrates Simon’s versatility as an artist

The Technical Bit!

Our online art courses with Simon ares going to be taught through This means they are accessible for you to use when it’s convenient for you, and you aren’t tied to a specific time or day. Simon will start with two courses to begin with, and each session will be added in subsequent weeks. If you are new to Teachable, they actually have an offer at the moment too of 20% off your first course.

If you still aren’t sure, why not check out this video Simon produced as a taster?

Live drawing using iPad

This streaming thing is difficult to manage through OBS, I'll try again, feedback please!

Posted by Simon James O'Rourke on Thursday, 9 April 2020

Share Your Experience

If you decide to take one of our online art courses with Simon, we would love your feedback! Feel free to comment on this blog, through or via email at [email protected]

We’d also love to see the art you create too, so why not upload a picture with the hashtag #artwithsimon

Stay well, and looking forward to hearing from you!

NB: To find out when the courses are live, please check our Twitter or Facebook pages.