In the Air Again

In the Air Again 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

I am currently on my way to Denmark as one half of the UK team taking part in the Blokhus Sculpture festival. (Harry Thomas is the other half.)

While I’m away, I’ve uploaded a couple of YouTube videos to keep you entertained and up to date (here and here).

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Sculpture Sketches

Sculpture Sketches 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

Now back home in Wales after all the fun that was the Husky Cup, I’m doing a few on-site jobs and just generally getting back into things. Today, I thought I’d share some sketches with you – I always draw things up before carving.

So, below is a sketch of a historical commission I have coming up.



You can find sketches of my winning entry from last week over here, on my Facebook Page.

Viking Attack!

Viking Attack! 150 150 Simon O'Rourke


Quick update from here at the Husky Cup: the theme for this year is Vikings attacking an English village. You can see how I’m getting on with my response in the photo, below. Definitely an emotional one. These were violent and turbulent times and some viewers may find the topic disturbing – be warned!

TV Appearance

TV Appearance 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

I was featured in episode two of the new series ofCoast and Country, a Welsh TV program that was aired on Monday night. If you’re in the UK, you canwatch it here – my segment starts at about sixteen and a half minutes in.

And, in other news, Tattybogle has finally been unveiled in Caia Woods! You can read the article about that on The Leader website, here.

TV Appearance


More Project Updates – March ’16

More Project Updates – March ’16 150 150 Simon O'Rourke


I’m finding it hard to believe it’s been almost a month since I last updated you on all the projects I’ve been getting on with, but the calendar assures me it’s true (you can read last month’s round-up here). Time flies, as they say, so let’s jump right in.

Last weekend I had some artwork on display in Preston, as part of the Best of Britannia North event – pictured left (photo courtesy of  ‘smallworksofart’ on Instagram).

I’ve also carved sculptures of everything from a WW1 soldier, a rocking medieval minstrel, and a harp complete with wind chimes for stings.

Plus, the lighthouse I made (that was featured in my last round-up) was put together with some sheep carvings and installed at a Haven Holiday Park.

I’m particularly proud of this signage I made, as well – pictured below.



Custom Carvings for Emotional Events

Custom Carvings for Emotional Events 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

I carve statues, signs, jewelry, and everything in between. I carve for fun projects, competitions, and serious events. There’s a good variety, and balance, to it; as exemplified best through these two pieces:

An elephant, in ash, as a memorial for a young lad killed in a motorbike accident (the carving contains his ashes, inside).

Custom Carvings for Emotional Events 1

And this, a set of three Wallace and Gromit themed sculptures that brought tears to a birthday girl’s eyes.

Custom Carvings for Emotional Events 2

It really is a privilege, to do the job I do. To spread a little happiness, beauty, and comfort through art.


Lots of Goings On!

Lots of Goings On! 150 150 Simon O'Rourke


Things have been busy this year, already. Since this time last month, I’ve been working solidly and simultaneously on three separate construction projects. The photo above shows just how crowded my workshop has become, as result, but the photos below should give you some sense of what I’m working on. Full details soon!




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Greetings from Japan!

Greetings from Japan! 150 150 Simon O'Rourke


Right now, I’m in Japan! The great Keiji Kidokoro invited me to the town of Taka to create sculptures for one of Japan’s largest lavender gardens (pictured above). So, from now until December 10th, we’ll be working together on a public art display and a range of new carvings. Below is a sketch of an idea I’m working on at the minute.

Japan 2

Japan 3

Home for Christmas

Home for Christmas 150 150 Simon O'Rourke


I’m back in the UK after my amazing trip to Japan. Really enjoyed the whole experience, and really proud of the carvings I worked on out there. Come the New Year, I’ve got some more exciting projects lined up, so stay tuned here and/or on myFacebook page – which, by the way, has just passed six-thousand likes!


Gallery Now Open!

Gallery Now Open! 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

The gallery area of my workshop is now ready and open to the public. Come and peruse our wonderful creations, just in time for Christmas!

Gallery Now Open 1

Address: Hem House, Rossett, Wrexham LL12 0BW – Just look out for the large owl at the gate of the farm.

We take card payment!

Gallery Now Open 2