Sculpture Projects

The Clatterbridge Corporate Challenge

The Clatterbridge Corporate Challenge 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

doormouse-sculptureLast Friday (October 21st), I completed the first in a series of six carvings I’m doing over the next six months, being broadcast live over Facebook for Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. Video one is up on my official page (in two parts) here and here, and the auction for the resulting carving – a sweet little dormouse sculpture (pictured left) – is NOW OPEN!

Please send silent bids via private message to my Facebook Page.

Competition closes at 8pm Sunday.

Good luck!

Chicks, Charity, and Children Today

Chicks, Charity, and Children Today 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

chick-carvingRecently, I had the pleasure of doing some really detailed work on a sculpture of three chicks, and I think it turned out rather well – see photo (left)!

I’ve also been down at the Moneypenny launch, having a look over the treehouse I installed in the centre of their office. Now, that was an unusual commission indeed!

On top of that, two days ago I was at the “Meet the Superheros” fun day in Chester, which reminds me: a range of my superhero-themed wallhangings are still available for sale, with 10% going to Children Today.

More soon!

Of Signs and Shire Horses

Of Signs and Shire Horses 150 150 Simon O'Rourke


Having finally finished my to-scale shire horse sculpture project (pictured below), I’ve now started work on a carving of a norman soldier.

Recently, I also got a brand new laser engraver, so if you need a sign for your house or shop, let me know! I’m really happy with the one I made for myself (pictured above).

Want even more details on what I’ve been up to? Read my most recent newsletter.

Evolution Of A Horse..

Evolution Of A Horse.. 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

Below is a series of photos documenting the steps of creating a horse sculpture, so far.


Project Updates, as Promised

Project Updates, as Promised 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

As I said in my last post, things are pretty busy here. I’m just swooping in today, to give you an update on the project I had been teasing you about.

So, here it is, the finished crows nest booth complete with seagull footprints on the table:



This was for the new Stake of the Art restaurant which has just opened in Southampton, and I’m pleased to say it’s already booked up for a month in advance.

Other things I’ve been working on have included a bench with spaniels (pictured left), and a big sign for the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (as seen below).