Public Sculptures

Sculptures created by Simon O’Rourke that are viewable by the public

Ruby the Owl and her Sculpture Trail!

Ruby the Owl and her Sculpture Trail! 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

This week we installed an entire sculpture trail!!

This isn’t just any sculpture trail, it follows a story as you move from one sculpture to another.

I was commissioned by the Friends Of Meadow Park to create a sculpture trail, funded by Tesco Bags Funding!

I decided to write a unique children’s story and illustrate it with carvings. The story is in poem form and follows the story of Ruby the owl, looking for the perfect home!

It went down very well and plans are afoot to produce a children’s book to accompany the trail.

Ruby Meets a Squirrel in the meadow park woodland sculpture trails by simon o'rourke


RHS Tatton Medals!

RHS Tatton Medals! 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

So last month was pretty epic! As a company we had the honour of being involved with not one, but TWO, RHS Tatton Charity Show Gardens; one with a Sculptural contribution, and one with a furniture contribution…and we are thrilled to announce that both gardens won awards, one with a Gold medal and the other with a Silver Gilt medal! To say we are thrilled is an understatement! Huge thanks goes to Denise Shields and Actual Landscapes who invited us to sculpt the piece for the Crohns and Colitis Awareness garden, ‘Facing Fear, Finding Hope’ and also to Jane Bingham of The Cheshire Garden, and Greenbelt Landscapes for asking us to create the seating for the Mid Cheshire Hospital‘s ‘Remember Me’ garden.

PressDayLores-106C&C seat with Simon

‘Alone’ sculpture by Simon O’Rourke for the ‘Facing Fear, Finding Hope’ garden – Gold Medal Winner.

bench and cushionsdan table and bench

Seating by Daniel Barnes for the ‘Remember Me’ garden – Silver Gilt Medal Winner.

Erddig National Trust!

Erddig National Trust! 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

As artist in residence I will be producing a carving for the National Trust that will be auctioned off to raise money for the charity!

The dates I will be carving this piece are on the 11th and 12th of July, so come and watch!

I’m also carving some smaller pieces on the 4th and 5th so anyone is welcome to come and see me in action!

Here’s a couple of pieces I’ve created so far, inspired by the wonderful property and it’s history…

IMAG0438 IMAG0673

We Also Make Furniture!

We Also Make Furniture! 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

Most of the news focus has naturally been on my sculpture work, but there’s so much more to the business!

I employed Daniel Barnes over two years ago, primarily to create furniture from the wonderful left over timber from my sculptures…

Take a look here at a few of the beautiful items Daniel has made…

First Place!

First Place! 150 150 Simon O'Rourke


I only went and won it, didn’t I? That’s right, First Place for my Viking Raid sculpture. Well done to my fellow competitors. I’m having a blast out here at Husky Cup 2016!

First Place

Viking Attack!

Viking Attack! 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

Quick update from here at the Husky Cup: the theme for this year is Viking Attack.


More specifically, it’s about Vikings attacking an English village. You can see how I’m getting on with my response in the photo, below. Definitely an emotional one. The Viking era was a violent and turbulent time. I have tried to depict that in my work.  So beware! Some viewers may find the topic disturbing…

Signs and Shire Horses

Signs and Shire Horses 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

This week has all been about making signs and shire horses. Well, one shire horse anyway!

You might have seen my evolution of a shire horse blog last week. Having finally finished the to-scale shire horse sculpture (pictured below), I’ve now started work on a carving of a Norman soldier.

Recently, I also got a brand new laser engraver, so I’ve been playing round making some signs. Hence the title of the blog! If you need a sign for your house or shop, let me know! I’m really happy with the one I made for myself. What do you think?

It’s definitely been a good week working on signs and shire horses here. Hope yours has been a good one too!

Want even more details on what I’ve been up to? Read my most recent newsletter.

Signs and shire horses blog by simon o'rourke: carved logo

signs and shire horses blog: completed shire horse by simon o'rourke

Evolution of a Horse

Evolution of a Horse 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

Below is a series of photos documenting the steps of the evolution of a horse sculpture, so far.


One: The timber!



Two: The main shape



Three: adding details



Four: Adding legs

As you can see, the evolution of THIS horse still has a way to go before it’s complete! We hope you enjoy seeing these early steps though. Watch out for the finished piece!

Custom Carvings for Emotional Events

Custom Carvings for Emotional Events 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

I carve statues, signs, jewelry, and everything in between.  There’s carving for fun projects, competitions, and demonstrations. I also do custom carvings for emotional events. There’s a good variety, and balance to my current commissions. I think that’s best exemplified through these two pieces:

An elephant, in ash, as a memorial for a young lad killed in a motorbike accident. The carving actually holds his ashes, inside.

Custom Carvings for Emotional Events 1

And then there’s this! It’s a set of three Wallace and Gromit themed sculptures that brought tears to a birthday girl’s eyes! A very different reason for crying to the elephant!

Custom Carvings for Emotional Events 2

It really is a privilege, to do the job I do. I’m thankful I get to spread a little happiness, beauty, and comfort through art.