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First Place! 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

First Place!

I only went and won it, didn’t I? Well done to my fellow competitors. I’m having a blast out here!

Viking Attack! 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

Viking Attack!

Quick update from here at the Husky Cup: the theme for this year is Vikings attacking an English village. You can see how I’m getting on…

Husky Cup, Here I Come! 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

Husky Cup, Here I Come!

Above is a photo of the awards that will be handed out at this year’s Carve Up The Coast – I had the pleasure of doing…

Of Signs and Shire Horses 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

Of Signs and Shire Horses

Having finally finished my to-scale shire horse sculpture project (pictured below), I’ve now started work on a carving of a norman soldier. Recently, I also got a…

Evolution Of A Horse.. 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

Evolution Of A Horse..

Below is a series of photos documenting the steps of creating a horse sculpture, so far.

TV Appearance 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

TV Appearance

I was featured in episode two of the new series ofCoast and Country, a Welsh TV program that was aired on Monday night. If you’re…

More Project Updates – March ’16 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

More Project Updates – March ’16

I’m finding it hard to believe it’s been almost a month since I last updated you on all the projects I’ve been getting on with,…

Custom Carvings for Emotional Events 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

Custom Carvings for Emotional Events

I carve statues, signs, jewelry, and everything in between. I carve for fun projects, competitions, and serious events. There’s a good variety, and balance, to it;…

Project Updates, as Promised 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

Project Updates, as Promised

As I said in my last post, things are pretty busy here. I’m just swooping in today, to give you an update on the project…

Lots of Goings On! 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

Lots of Goings On!

Things have been busy this year, already. Since this time last month, I’ve been working solidly and simultaneously on three separate construction projects. The photo…

Tattybogle Returned! 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

Tattybogle Returned!

After four months on the run, my missing scarecrow sculpture has been found! In other news: we’re having a 20% off sale on everything we currently…

Greetings from Japan! 150 150 Simon O'Rourke

Greetings from Japan!

Right now, I’m in Japan! The great Keiji Kidokoro invited me to the town of Taka to create sculptures for one of Japan’s largest lavender gardens (pictured…